In 1613 King James I created 40 boroughs, each returning two MPs to Parliament.
One of the main purposes was to create a Protestant majority in Parliament
Some of the towns given charters in 1613 were:
County Cork: Baltimore, Bandon, Clonakilty, Mallow
Others: Belfast, Castlebar, Ennis, Sligo, Tralee

Clonakilty Corporation was established in 1613

The town of Clonakilty was founded by Lord Cork
The Charter was issued on 5th May 1613
Lord Cork was made Lord of the town
Corporation created
Sovereign (mayor)
Town Council of 13-24 members (burgesses)
Freemen were chosen by Council (none after 1794)
Sovereign chosen by Lord of the town from three candidates elected by Town Council and freemen
Vacancies to council filled by sovereign and council
Two MPs elected to Irish Parliament by council and freemen